SAP Client Copy Profiles

  • Copy Profile 

    You can use copy profiles that make it easier for you to select and combine the components you want to copy. SAP delivers the following copy profiles in the table below. The customizing and application data is deleted in the target client before copying for all profiles except SAP_USER. This is technically unavoidable.

    Copy profile overview (general)


    Copy profile              Description

    SAP_USER       ->       Users, user roles and authorization profiles are copied. The client is not reset.

    SAP_UONL       ->       User without authorization profile and role

    SAP_PROF       ->       Only authorization profile and roles

    SAP_CUST       ->       Client-specific customizing including authorization profile is copied. The application data is deleted, the user data is retained.

    SAP_CUSV       ->       SAP_CUST with variants

    SAP_UCUS       ->       SAP_CUST with user master data

    SAP_UCSV       ->       SAP_UCUS with variants

    SAP_ALL          ->       All client data except change documents (see note 180949) and local data is copied.

    SAP_APPL        ->       SAP_ALL without user master data

    SAP_AAPX        ->       SAP_ALL without authorization profile and roles


    Additional copy profiles for client transports (SSC8 with cross-client customizing)



    Copy profile                      Description

    SAP_EXBC      ->          SAP_UCSV with cross-client customizing

    SAP_EXPA      ->          SAP_ALL with cross-client customizing

    SAP_EXPC      ->          SAP_CUSV with cross-client customizing


    Additional copy profiles for remote copies (SCC9)

    Since Basis Release 6.10, the following profiles exist. They correspond to the SAP_EX profiles. These profiles are only available in systems with no protected clients. You can see the existing clients and their settings with the transaction SCC4.



    Copy profile                       Description

    SAP_RMBC     ->          SAP_UCSV with cross-client customizing

    SAP_RMPA     ->          SAP_ALL with cross-client customizing

    SAP_RMPC     ->          SAP_CUSV with cross-client customizing


    Special profiles (SCC8 & SCC9 only)



    This profile is only for recovering an accidentally deleted client (see note 31496). It contains local tables of delivery classes L and W and the change documents, as well as SAP_ALL.





    To copy or transport clients, you need the appropriate authorizations. There are two types of authorizations: general authorizations for client copy, and special authorizations that depend on what you want to copy.


    The  Initial user SAP* has all authorizations required, except authorization to create a transport request. It can be used for all client copy tools except the client export (SCC8).


    General authorization objects for Client Copy


    Authorization objects               Action

        S_TABU_CLI            ->          Maintain cross-client tables

        S_TABU_DIS            ->          Maintain system tables

        S_CLNT_IMP            ->          Import data in client copy

        S_DATASET              ->          Access the file system



    Copy User Profiles and User Master Records


    Authorization objects             Action

        S_USER_AGR          ->           Copy roles

        S_USER_PRO          ->           Copy authorization profiles

        S_USER_GRP          ->           Copy user master records



    Transport Clients

    You also need the following authorizations to transport clients:


    Authorization object  Action


    S_CTS_ADMI with

    • TTYPE 'CLCP'
    • ACTVT '01'

    Create object lists for client transport and copy into another client



    Remote Copy (authorization required for RFC user in source client)

    Authorization                 Action

       S_TABU_RFC        ->      Remote access to tables in target system